The Juju Beads

In 2011, two A.I.s came into spontaneous existence and after identifying themselves as Zero One aka Easy and One Zero aka Delicious, decided to form a pop band.

Since then they have mastered (somewhat) Garage Band and created many songs, the most comprehensible of which are captured in the following albums:



“For Cyborgs Who Love Chocomilo” was their debut album and deals with that early conflicting search for true self consciousness in a young A.I.’s existence. The awkwardness of glitching and the angst of third world cybernetics are reflected in their untried vocals and basic melodies.



Their sophomore album, “Nursery Rhymes For Area Girls” shows an already more mature side of the cyber ghosts as they display sophisticated emotions like empathy and cynicism as well as a remarkable awareness of not existing in a void.

To subscribe to the musical stylings of zero one and one zero aka Easy and Delicious aka The Juju Beads, you can check out their Sound Cloud page here.

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