The Indigo Radio Online Series Fund



First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out this page.

As some of you know, I’m a working screenwriter who has written for a few International Cable TV shows in Africa, namely Tinsel, Hotel Majestic and Jemeji on MNet’s Africa Magic Network.

My first and ongoing passion, however, is prose.

More specifically live, serial, writing has been something I’ve always loved to do because of the opportunity it provides for community building and a closer connection between reader and writer.

I’m currently working on a story  called Forgot To Forget You (working title) which I have been publishing for free reading on this very blog. 

I would happily continue in this way except recently I had to put the entire project on a hiatus that has lasted about a year now to support myself and my family.

Now I’d like to continue the story once again but this time with the support of those interested in the story.

I’m crossing my fingers that you came to this page either because a. you’re a reader of F2FU who wants to help anyway they can or b. You’re a freelance Angel who just supports Creatives for the heck of it! Either way I’m glad you’re here!

I will only be publishing a few more complete and free chapters on this blog after which I will have to reserve complete further chapters for those who are supporting the story (sorry :/ I really wish I didn’t have to!)

So here’s how it should work.

The Fund

This Fund is meant to tide me over during the time I take to write this so I’m not forced to abandon it again for paid writing work. Think of it as something of a writing Grant that you’re helping to raise because you think this story is worth finishing.

I’m setting up a reward based crowdfund system that allows you to support the work at different levels each with it’s own reward scheme.

After the story is completed I do hope to get this work published and that when that happens it won’t be my victory alone but yours too.

Now read on for the fun bits!

The Rewards

I thought a lot about how to do this and for now what I have is 5 levels of “Thank Yous” to you my Patrons.

1. Subscription

(N1000 and above)


This payment will get you added to the story’s main mailing list that will receive all episodes except the final one to their mailbox every two weeks based on progress. I hope you will continue to support this story by buying the completed ebook or physical book to find out how it ends!

2. Early Bird Special

(N3000 and above)


For donations of N3000 and above you will be added to the story’s Early Bird special mailing list meaning you will not have to wait a week or more to get new episodes as they will be sent directly to your mailbox as soon as they are completed giving you the jump on other readers! This will apply for all episodes but the final one.

I hope you will continue to support this story by buying the completed ebook or physical book to find out how it ends!

3. The Finale

(N5000 and above)


For believing in this work enough to make a donation of N5000 or more,  I reserve for you:

  • Early Bird Special Access
  • The gift of the Grand Finale! The Final Episode.

You will not have to buy the ebook or the physical book to find out how it all ends but I hope you will anyway to commemorate our special journey!

4. Legacy

(N10,000 and above)


For your donation at the N10,000 level you deserve the world for your support! You truly do! But since I can’t give the world to you, I offer these instead:

  • Early Bird Special Access,
  • Access to The Finale! The Final Episode! 
  • Special Mention on the Indigo Radio Digital Wall of Fame

5. The Book Club

(N30,000 and above)


You did it.

You made this dream happen.


And I’m going to make sure everyone knows it – forever.

For being one of the first 20 to donate at the N30,000 level I’m reserving for you:

  • Early Bird Special Access,
  • Access to The Finale! The Final Episode!
  • Special Mention on the Indigo Radio Digital Wall of Fame
  • A signed physical copy of the book you journeyed with me to write
  • Your name on a special Thank You page inside the final published version of Forgot to Forget You.

This offer is limited to 20 early subscribers and I will require a shipping address.

How Do You Contribute and Qualify for the Rewards

As of now I am happy to announce 2 relatively accessible ways in which you can support me in completing this story wherever you may be based!

1. Patreon

Patreon is a platform that allows creatives to earn money for their work via subscription. It is home to writers, illustrators, musicians and artists of every ilk. The people who love their work and want to see them continue it basically pledge to pay an amount that can be as small as a dollar per month or per work and in exchange the creator gives you exclusive access to all their goodies!

Patreon accepts International Credit Cards and PayPal.

My Patreon page will act like an addition to my blog. There, we will together build the grant I need to finish this story. My plan is to make it a one time only payment (as opposed to recurring) which is why when you pledge you will see the words “per access to online novel.”

If you would like to use this convenient platform to help support the writing of this story please click here: Become a Patron!


2. Bank Transfer

The simplest most direct way you can help support my work and qualify for the rewards is by Bank Transfer. Here are the steps:
1. Make a transfer to Obiebelem Ukpo Diamond Bank 0098795258, in the remarks please write “Indigo Radio Fund”
2. Drop a line to me at letting me know of the donation with a transaction no or a screen shot of your transfer notification.
3. I will get back to you ASAP with a receipt that lets you know which rewards your donation won you.

That’s about as simple as I can make it for now and if you’re still willing to support despite the inconvenience I’m even more grateful.

Watch this space for updates though (if you’ve already donated they won’t affect you 🙂 )



Finally to those who choose to support by sharing the free chapters or giving outside the reward system – I can’t hug everyone of you though I wish I could but there is a section of my heart dedicated to you and I honestly pray that the grace you show will be manifested a hundred fold in your own lives.

Thank you.

With love,

Indigo Radio.