Forgot To Forget You (Working Title)

Genre: Nigerian Romance/Chick Lit

I know it’s not easy to meet someone nice.

Everybody wants to but no one seems good enough for anyone – and the less willing you are to compromise, the more alone you find yourself.


All Gigi wants from life is to get through her work day with her sanity intact and maybe a little romance.

She’s a simple girl who wants simple things so when an old crush comes into town and her friend/boss (a friend who happens to also be a boss) seems determined to ruin her perfect marriage over him she would very much have liked to be left out of it – except for a few things:

1. Her friend (boss)’s old crush is her old crush too
2. Her friend (boss)’s actual hubby seems fixated on her
3. Her other friends give the worst advice
4. Someone is stalking her in her DMs

Then there’s the question: Just how messy can a simple girl’s life can get over a simple kiss.

A modern Nigerian romantic comedy about love, geishas, stalkers, Kpop and the fine art of updating your CV at work.