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Thank you for letting your curiosity bring you here.


About This

This blog exists as a platform for me to experiment with serial form fiction, close the gap between myself and my readers and allow you to effectively support my work if you wish to do so.

As time goes on I will be writing stories of different genres. They will be published here in real time as I write, hence the serial format. You can think of them like episodes for a TV show.

As I write I will look forward to feedback from readers and take it all into consideration while I continue forward.


How to Support me (If you want to)

This Section is under Reconstruction.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in supporting my work a huge way you can do that is to share it as much as possible.

If you like the story then share it please! I will try my best to make it as easy as possible for you to do so.


A Schedule

I apologize ahead of time because I’m pretty sure my posting schedule will occasionally (ok, consistently) be erratic but I hope you will stick with me because I have some stories to tell and I will do my best to make them worth your while.


 Currently Publishing

I Am Abiku (*As this story is already published, it will have no subscription. If you like it based on the episodes published here, you can get an ecopy here or a physical copy here.)

Forgot To Forget You

I will continue to list new titles on this page when they are created so please check back to know what’s good!


Social Media

You can conveniently follow me on Face Book, Twitter and instagram where I’m found under the handle @indigoradiofm (see the sidebar for links).

I’m also on Wattpad under the same name and I have a special broadcast on Whatsapp which you can be added to, just pop me an email at with the subject “Broadcast Club” and I’ll respond as soon as I can.


That’s all for now! The Menu is to your left. Thanks again for tuning in.

~ Indigo Radio