Gigi’s Job Satisfaction Evaluation

Gigi Job Satisfaction

An Audio Recording of Gigi’s Visit with her HR representative:


I’d like you to talk to me frankly about your concerns…


Ok, See…

My boss who is also my former senior from secondary school and my good friend keeps getting me involved in her marital problems.

Something is up with her for real, it’s like she’s not satisfied or something? And I find that crazy because her husband is like the best guy in the world, like he adores her….

I mean….

I’m sure he does?

Ok – to be honest it’s not as straight forward as it could be because there’s this guy also from my secondary school past who used to be my best friend in JSS but then he got really smoking hot over one summer and ended up as my boss’s boyfriend.

You follow?

And while I was in denial about it in JSS, as a grown woman I can now admit that I may still have the tiniest bit of a crush on him but more importantly – so does my boss, I suspect!

And that is very not good because marriages in peril do not need the added stress of hot exes messing things up – and obviously, since I keep getting dragged into everything,  I’m terrified that it’s all gonna go hard south now that Etomi is back….

Did I mention that Etomi is back?

And that he treats me like an invisible, gaseous substance?

And that’s not even the worst thing!

The worst thing is – my boss’s husband is my friend too so imagine how hard it is for me when they squabble and I’m supposed to picks sides? Like seriously?

And then –  he’s got it into his mind to turn me into a project most likely to take his mind off his breaking heart? I dunno? But the project is to find me a boy friend.

Why, right?

At first he was like you’re a cool girl, I know a lot of guys that would love to date you.

Stupid me, my head swelled.

And it must have been my swelled head that made me go along with it because I should’ve seen the signs.

I sha found myself alone with him in a restaurant parking lot after what for all intents and purposes was a date with him.

How do I know it was a date?

Apart from the usual signifiers like location and ambience there’s the fact that he kissed me.

He kissed me O.

My friend/boss’s husband kissed me.

I’m just dead.

Come, was I supposed to talk about work?

Should I continue?

#ForgotToForgetYou Coming Soon



Now is a great time to refresh your memory on the story so far with Forgot to Forget You formerly known as Do You Remember Me (see what I kinda did there with the memory thing? Oknevermind) and to make it even easier for you I’ve put it on Wattpad!

That way you don’t have to navigate from chapter to chapter! Just turn the page and read on😁

We’re on a kind of secret countdown now guys and I’ll have good things for you soon!

Thanks for always reading.


Indigo Radio

Indigo Radio is on Wattpad!!

The platform invasion continues!

Now I have a station on Wattpad too so if you’re a part of that vibrant community, please drop by and show me love here!

And I found this ill art by (I believe) Sit Haiiro(SIT)… and mocked up a book cover for “I Am Abiku” which is the first story I’m re-publishing there!

I AM ABIKU cover

What do you think!?