Static: Blame…

I’ve started this one so many times. It’s an alternative universe drama about a platonic but volatile friendship between this woman and a younger man. I really hate to leave ideas hanging but I have to admit that this one may never be completed.
– Indigo Radio


Downtown Onikan, New Eko – Now.

I think I’ve always liked balconies.

My last one jutted out of the North East Wing of a steel and concrete Mansion perched on a cliff in Buenos Rios, Argentina. It hung right over the Andalusian sea.

This one hung quite low, only at the second floor, over a side street that was a relatively lazy thoroughfare by day and a food vendor market by night.

It had iron railings wrought in the shape of flowers that I was pretty sure existed nowhere on this planet. I figured when the artisan couldn’t make roses happen he decided to just go where fancy took him.

I liked that. It reminded me of me and it was kind of the deal closer for me on getting the place.

It had been over a month now since I moved here.

Or should I say moved back? I had almost no memories at all of the brief part of my childhood spent here. All I had were the stories my Mom had told me and so far – the reality of this city was a far cry from the pictures she’d painted.

Where I had expected a crazy, modern city of jet setters – all night life and unscrupulous playboys, I had found an old giant of a place, half modern, half ancient. Half playful, vibrant, cosmopolitan, half, sad, old lady, lost in her own memories.

Did my Mom realize how like her this place was? Probably not. Obliviousness was one of her leading characteristics. One of the better ones. This wasn’t speaking ill of the dead, it was just the truth.

I still hadn’t gotten over the disparity. Maybe that was why half my stuff was still in boxes strewn all over the shabby little two room space.

All I did was sit on my balcony and smoke pack after pack of Brightests while ignoring calls from my agent and watching the day spend itself.

Oh, and every morning, like I had promised, I sent an email of a picture of myself, just as I was.