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In school that day, every one in my class was using every spare opportunity to study for the math test which was tomorrow. Teachers kept on having to seize math textbooks from students during history, literature and even Art class.

I was the only one not filling my jotter with practice equations. My jotter was filled instead with the relationship maps of my whodunnit case. And none of them made any sense.

For instance – what did my thing missing have to do with the monster that visited Dolapo? And what did the monster have to do with poor Mr. Effiong robbing his own bank (before I left he asked me if my box was one of the one’s he’d taken something from – he seemed so pitiful that I just told him no…)?

And what did any of it have to do with Bo and Home?

By the end of class that day I was cranky because I still couldn’t figure it out and, on top of that, I was almost 100% certain that I was going to fail that stupid test.

So I was gratified when I got a text message from Ayo asking me if I wanted to stay behind after school and go over some of the material to be covered. We were to meet in the senior class room closest to the prefects’ lounge. I got there first because Ayo still had to finish basketball practice.

I didn’t mind waiting since I knew there would be no one at home anyway. I opened my Math text book intending to get a head start on the work and show Ayo I wasn’t entirely hopeless but after two minutes of staring at my text book pages in mounting horror I decided to people watch instead.

That’s how I was lucky enough to spot Dolapo traipsing past my class in the brisk wake of a some senior girls.

Usually, I would have ignored him but considering recent occurrences and my need for information, I jumped up and hailed him through the class room window.

He stopped, saw it was me and almost kept walking. I had to quickly reach through the window and snag him by his rumpled uniform collar, smiling with satisfaction when he squeaked unhappily.

“What are you doing in the senior class rooms, Dolly?” I asked him.

“They asked me to come!” Dolapo whined squirming under my grip.

I looked at the “they” in question. I recognized them because they were girls from my set. I also happened to know that they were from the crew that tended to hang around Jumoke, the head girl.


“Why would they ask you to come? What do they want from you?” I asked knowing fully well that kids like sickly, attention seeking Dolapo usually didn’t rate the notice of that snobby set.

“Why d’you want to know? It’s none of your business!” Dolapo complained loudly, twisting in earnest now.

I was about to shake some co-operation out of him when one of the girls he’d been following; a heavyset, bespectacled girl named Chidera, was suddenly beside us, hands on hips and expression offended. “Maro, what do you think you’re doing?” she asked eyes on my hand that was currently twisted into Dolapo’s collar.

I let go quickly. “Nothing,” I said poker faced through the window, “I was just teasing him.”

“That’s not what it looked like!” she said taking Dolapo firmly by the upper arm and eying me.

“I don’t – really care what you think it looked like, Chidera,” I said carefully keeping my voice even though I bristled inside at her uppity tone. Did she think she was my senior or something?  “What do you want him for? Is he on punishment?” I asked getting back to the subject who was now her captive.

Chidera gave me an annoyed look like she didn’t want to say but was deciding to show me she was the bigger person. Whatever.

“If you must know, we’re taking him for our Bible study,” Chidera sniffed, “he needs prayers.”

“Is that right?” I asked suddenly fascinated. I glanced at Dolapo who was beaming between the two of us like he had no idea that he was the subject of this conversation.

Had they somehow discovered what he was? I wondered. Was there really someone that  astute in their midst? Since when?

“Can I come?” I asked on a whim.

Chidera looked at me with open and, I must say, insulting suspicion.

One of the girls she had been moving with suddenly called out to her from ahead. She looked in their direction. Then she looked back at me and shrugged, “do what you want.”

Then she marched off after her friends dragging the hapless Dolapo behind her.

My curiosity still deepening, I tagged along.


So my friends…
This is the second to to the last post I will make of this story since it is very, very, nearly, nearly done. Have you enjoyed it? Do you like Maro or is she a bit abrasive or even worse boring for you? How about Ayo? Osun? Johnny Nevermind? Poor Mr. Effiong?
We are about to meet Jumoke and the bible study group Maro dislikes so much. Please look forward to it and when I am done here, I will explain to you how you can find out the true end of this story.
I have enjoyed updating this and I thank you for coming with me this far!
Until next week!
Indigo Radio xx

FYI: All the chapters for this story can be found HERE on Channel One with the most recent chapter at the top.


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