F2FU 4

4. Hello

So three people lost their jobs before noon and none of them was Mr. Gani which wasn’t really surprising.

Stuck like a bloated mosquito for over a decade to the company’s ugly underbelly, if he’d been that easy to get rid of we wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place.

But at least once the blood letting was done, everyone was able to relax a little, relieved to have survived another round on the island at the cheap price of having to adjust to yet another new MD’s PA.

The angry thread had finally stopped swelling in my inbox and that meant it was time for lunch which for me was a box of only slightly soft soda crackers in my desk drawer because I still had to work with PR on how to spin this before the media got a hold of it.

Foluso, who was already on his feet, gave me a sympathetic look as I pulled the crackers out of my drawer. “Should I bring you Moin Moin?”

Unwilling to seem so pitiable I opened my mouth to brush him off coolly when my stomach, probably sensing how I was about to play myself, gurgled loudly.

In the face of that I could only nod humbly. I could see the effort it took him not to laugh before he walked away and I sighed wondering if this was why in my whole life I have never once managed to have an actual boyfriend… except for that one time in Senior Secondary that lasted 1 hour and thirty minutes exactly. That’s a gist I will get to later because funnily enough it involves Akudo.

Meanwhile I faced the blank Word sheet on my screen and munched through soda crackers that would not crunch while trying to think of how to write an article that made calling a conference and not holding it sound deliberate, forward thinking and damn near genius.

I wasn’t getting any closer when I heard the familiar ping of the  messenger on my non work phone. I picked it up and unlocked my screen distractedly. I assumed it was my other bestie Dienye who was a graphic designer that worked from home. She’s the most introverted person ever but she’s brilliant and talented and she taught me everything I know about haggling with Printers.

Dienye was also the person who brought Kpop into my life (God bless her) and she usually called me about now to vent over which ever Korean drama she was watching at the time. Between music, drama and Korean hotties we usually had a lot to natter about.

But when I glanced at my phone screen I saw a number I didn’t recognize and a single word;


Confused, I quickly tapped over my screen.

“Sorry, who’s this?”

I paused waiting for a reply and when it didn’t come I sucked my teeth loudly and put down my phone. I’d barely faced my computer screen when my notification sound went off again. I scooped up the phone testily. It kept buzzing and I saw new messages.


“Freaked out”

“Didn’t think you were going to answer”

My frown deepening I typed again, “Who is this?”

Another pause and I rolled my eyes. I was so sure someone was about to feed me some kind of scam bait. My phone pinged and I looked down at it. Two words.

“A friend”

It wasn’t easy but I rolled my eyes harder before typing: “Which friend again?” then for good measure, “I don’t like people I don’t know DMing me so if you’re not ready to say who you are – ”

The response came before I was done typing.


“ – then please don’t message me.” I finished.


Another pause. Then…

“ I got your number from a mutual friend.”

“Who?” I typed.

“I can’t tell you that.” came the maddening response.


The answer came in a series of responses.


“I’m trying to remain anonymous”

“If I tell you who”

“You’ll figure me out”

At this point I was actually at a loss as to whether to be annoyed or intrigued. I decided to go with annoyed. My thumbs sped angrily over my phone, “So you’re saying you went and got my phone number from someone I know so you could message me anonymously?”

Small pause then…

“Isn’t it funny how you can tell someone is angry just by the way they arrange their words? :)”

My desk phone started to ring and I decided I was out of patience with this joker.

“Don’t message me again.” I tapped into the message box before deleting the conversation and closing the App.

I had enough problems without some pubescent Lothario in a Cyber Cafe trying to use me to level up his game.


This was meant to be a much longer chapter and I’m sorry that despite the fact that it’s late it still ended up short! …Unless of course you like short? No? Well, after I found myself working on the same paragraph for 3 straight hours I decided to just post the part I already had ready and stop the madness.
This was why it took me so long to start this story. I knew it would be hard to write it the way I wanted to *cries* but enough moaning. I’m trying to learn over here, so lets just keep going and see how it works out.
The most important thing is that you the reader are carried along and I so hope that you are.
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Indigo Radio xx



FYI: All the chapters for this story can be found HERE on Channel Two with the most recent chapter at the top.




    • I can’t tell you how nice it is to read your comment XD
      I’m so tripped that you’re loving the story and I hope you will keep reading!
      Ideally this story should be updated every Thursday. Happily this week will be the first time I don’t miss that deadline! Hehe! So look out tomorrow! It will be a bit longer than the last chapter and I hope you like it!


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