Well, who else could it have been but my witch that confronted Dolapo?

He was convinced that he’d seen a monster but any wannabe witch can throw a vision and make people think they see things and God knows, Abiku were suggestible enough.

The thing was, till now I’d never thought there were any witches in our vicinity because true witches always feel compelled to come and pay homage to Ayo just like the one in Osogbo had done. Any true witch knew what he was because his antecedent had created all the paths they followed now and Nature itself spoke to them of him. Simply put, if this witch didn’t know something as basic as this, I was dealing with a wannabe.

But what kind of wannabe could have the power to hide an Abiku’s thing from it?

The questions were driving me out of my skull!

I had no choice but to pretend Ayo’s hissy fit was not happening and seek him out, so I followed his aura to the library where he was sensibly practicing for the Math test. He noticed when I came in but he didn’t even look up when I took the chair next to his.

“Ayo… did you take my thing?” I asked him deciding shock tactics might be the way to go with him in this situation.

Ayo looked up immediately and glowered at me. “That’s not funny, Maro.” he whispered angrily.

“Am I laughing? ” I asked, “It’s just – if you didn’t take it and it was a Witch that did then who else is there? The Mama that came to see you in Osogbo and got you all upset?”

“She wasn’t the one that got me upset!” Ayo snapped.

That surprised me. “She didn’t? Then who or what did?”

Ayo slammed his book shut looking mightily exasperated. The librarian sent us a sharp look.

“What?” I asked because it was a complete mystery to me why he was glaring at me.

“Why did you tell Osun I remembered her?”

Talk about left field. For at least 10 guilty seconds I could only stare at him, mouth most likely hanging open before I could even start to formulate excuses, my brain tripping over itself to catch up with my mouth, ” Oh my god, Ayo… I didn’t even.. I just said maybe… but did you guys really – ” then my words dried up as my brain finally caught up,  “wait, but… did I… tell you…?”

The ramifications of his question hit me.

“You saw… how did you – ?”

“I just did,” Ayo looked uncomfortable, “I had to make sure you were okay out there. You know how your folks are… what would I have said to them if I lost you…”

Whatever he said after that was muttered too low for my hearing but his colors were crystalline and sped through entire spectrums. I had no idea what that meant. Staring at him again, I wondered just how much of his original  self he had access to.

Ayo looked like he wished he hadn’t said anything. “Look, your culprit isn’t the old woman either,” he said changing the subject. “She hasn’t been to Lagos in years. There are no real witches in Lagos. Just me.” he looked at me directly then, his eyes blacker than ever, “And I didn’t do it.”

I already knew he didn’t. Stealing an Abiku’s thing was below him. Or at least it would be if he was practicing, which he wasn’t. Though I have to say, his aura had become a lot stronger since I’d made him open that portal. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we had a whole bunch of new entities moving in over the next couple of weeks, drawn to him like bees in thrall to pheromones.

“I just… I feel like I’m at a dead end,” I confided quietly.

His expression finally began to soften.

“Listen, Maro, don’t let stress make you lose your perspective,” he said, “If you calm down, the way forward will become clear to you.”

“You sound like a Facebook quote,” I grumbled and he smiled at last. The effect of it made even usually immune me catch my breath. He really was unfairly hot. He could open portals but he couldn’t tone it down a touch? I mean…

“Ok, well, what about this…” I watched him close his eyes for a moment. The colors that washed over him now were various shades of blue and brown. Introspective shades. When he opened his eyes again his glance had become sharp and engaged, “what if the one who took it never meant to destroy it, ” he suggested, “It’s obvious that they still haven’t – so what if they’re not going to.”

“True,” I agreed pressing stressed fingers to my temples, “but if that’s the case then now I’m worried about what they do want to do with it – there’s a lot of ugly rituals out there with Abiku paraphernalia on their shopping lists…”

Ayo studied the cover of his math book frowning, “Maybe, this is it.”

“Hm?” I tilted my head. I was still on ugly rituals.

“It’s possible they’re just doing it to get  to you. Maybe get a rise out of you or scare you or something.”

I frowned. Really?

But that didn’t any make sense. Who had the kind of beef that would make a thing like that worthwhile for them? Plus the kind of power to make it possible?

This was just getting more and more confusing!

“Maybe we should start thinking in terms of people that consider themselves your enemies,” Ayo said opening his notebook briskly, “we should make a list.”

“Enemies?” I stared at him, “I don’t have enemies.”

Ayo looked at me and his entire expression spelled out his doubt. “Maro, you don’t have enemies?”

And now I was starting to feel offended because what the hell was that supposed to mean?

Hi! It’s me Indigo Radio? Just wanted to remind you that even though this story was written years ago, your feedback is still very much welcome!
Also, fun fact: There are a lot of differences between the blog version and the published version that’s out there because my neurotic self just kept on editing this story even after it was submitted! Haha!
Thanks for reading!
– Indigo Radio

FYI: All the chapters for this story can be found HERE on Channel One with the most recent chapter at the top.


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