I am so scared to start this…

This is what I get for saying this is what I’ve always wanted to do…

Because now if I do it and it sucks… then what next…?

*rolls around*


*cries a bit*

Why am I like this when I love writing?????

Ok, listen… After this post I will start putting up the #iamabiku posts. If I can get them ready on time I may start to alternate them with #doyourememberme posts (the story I’m writing in real time).

Please be sure to check them out and if you like them then just share them! Seriously, like force your friends to read them. Call them at 3am the morning after you send it to them and give them a definitely not passive aggressive pop quiz to make sure they did read them… no presssure though… haha…

who am I talking to this blog isn’t even public yet…

*takes plunge*


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